AceSpy Review

Note: AceSpy has been discontinued and the website is no longer available. If you are a current customer of AceSpy and need help, please contact Retina-X Studios, LLC at

AceSpy – Read This Comprehensive Review and Learn More about This Premium PC Monitoring Software before You Buy It

What is AceSpy?

AceSpy spy softwareAceSpy is a powerful PC monitoring software since 2003. If you want to check the activities of your home computer, especially when you’re not in your house or you need to know what your kids are doing online, then AceSpy is for you. With this software you can easily block any activity that you deem inappropriate. Also, when you want to monitor the PC at your office and track the work of your employees, read their emails or know the website they have visited – all these are possible with this revolutionary software.

All recorded data is sent to a secured server, so if you want to check all the logs then you can just go to AceSpy’s Interface and check all the gathered data. It’s possible to let the software forward all captured emails directly to your own email address. This will give you the chance to check the emails of your kids or employees, and know how they behave online.

Key Features of AceSpy

• Record and Forward Emails: every time the user sends or receives an email from the target computer, AceSpy will record those emails and it will directly send all the recorded data to your own email.

• Website URL Tracking: this feature will let you track all the websites that the user/s visited on the computer. All the logs are also arranged via date/time so will easily know who the user is during that time. This way, you will know if they are visiting inappropriate sites.

• Tracking All Chat Conversations: AceSpy is capable of logging all chat conversations, and it will forward the recorded data to your email. This will provide you the chance to read the exact chat transcriptions.

• Key Logger: every keystroke typed on your target computer will be recorded and this will include passwords. You’ll find some of the most popular keyloggers available for Android devices.

• Automatic Screenshot: monitor the activities on the PC you’re monitoring and view the recorded screenshots of the desktop in full detail.

• Document and Application Recording: Ace Spy will record all the applications including the type of executable files that the user had used. The software will provide you with the full list of applications including windows launched by the user.

• Facebook Capture: this feature will let you know the exact pages that the user has visited. This will also include the search, mail and other pages that were accessed.

• Track Youtube: AceSpy is the comprehensive spy software to track YouTube videos. The software will show the link to the videos viewed, title of the videos, time they were viewed, and the user who viewed them.

• Webcam Recording: use the webcam on your target computer to view the activities of the user in real time. This feature is only possible with AceSpy; no other PC monitoring software has this capability.

• Create Screenshot Movies: AceSpy will let you create movies from the screenshots that were captured. This is a great way of making video evidence that is sometimes required in legal matters.

• Email Reports Directly To Your Address: with this feature, you can let AceSpy forward all recorded logs to your email.

• Web Content Blocking: aside from monitoring the sites that the user had visited, you can also let the software block specific sites on the target computer. This feature is relevant for parents who want to protect their child from any inappropriate site.

Value-Added Features

• Advanced Email and SMS Alerting: this feature will let you create a list of keyword/s. Once the target key word is typed, the software will instantly email you all the recorded information, and it will also include a screenshot of the activity as it happened.

• Advanced Stealth Tactics: this spy application always runs in Stealth Mode. The computer user won’t even know that it’s already on the operating system of the PC.

• Monitor All Window Users: AceSpy can monitor all windows users. In fact, it tracks the Window user logins including the activity of that particular user.

• Comprehensive Reporting: you can expect that AceSpy will send you a detailed and comprehensive report of all the recorded logs. The software’s interface is streamlined and easy to navigate.

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How AceSpy Works?

Your first step would be to purchase AceSpy online. You will then receive an email and the link where you can download the software. Install AceSpy on the computer you want to monitor. Close the control panel and wait for a few moments until it starts monitoring the activities of the target PC. You can come back later to access the control panel and check all the recorded data. It’s also possible to setup AceSpy to email you all the reports that was gathered on the target computer.

Why Use AceSpy?

  1. Monitor Your Home PC: Do you know what your children are doing on the Internet? Do you want to use an application that can report all their activities on the computer? If your answer is – “YES,” then you definitely need AceSpy. In fact, this premium spy software can give you the means to monitor your home computer and put some restrictions on some activities that are not appropriate for them. You are able to view the exact screen on the desktop of your computer. This will give you an idea on their activities or if they are misbehaving.
  2. Track Social Media Activity: Most teenagers these days spend much of their time on the Internet. They usually go to social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and so on. Most of the time they talk about sex, violence and drugs. Your children might even encounter online predators that may lure them to a trap or in worst cases – they may even be subjected to various lewd behaviors. To protect your children, it’s essential that you monitor their activities whenever they go to these social networking sites. AceSpy can provide you the means to monitor your kids effectively.
  3. Employee Computer Monitoring: If you want to efficiently monitor the activities of your employees. It’s important that you have an efficient tool that can deliver the results that you’ve been expecting for in a spy software. Ace Spy can track the activities of your employees as they use the company computers. You now have the ability to know if they are really using the computer for business purposes and not for their own leisure.

The Pros and Cons of AceSpy


  • Ease of use. FREE updates. Totally Undetectable.
  • 24/7 Customer Support.
  • Block Website.
  • All monitored logs will be emailed to you directly.
  • Track social media activities.
  • Automatic screenshots.
  • Key logger.
  • Filter some programs.
  • Easy to use Interface.
  • Cheapest PC Spy Monitoring Software – only $59.97 lifetime license
  • Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed.


  • You need to purchase its lifetime license which cost around $59.97 before you can enjoy all its features.
  • You need to install the software directly at the target computer
  • There’s no real time monitoring, all reports are just sent to you via your email or you need to access the interface for further verification.

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Why AceSpy Is For You?

AceSpy has been around since 2003 and they gained their reputation due to the quality of their software. Through the years they made several significant advancements that elevated the features of their software – making it even more efficient in monitoring both home and office computer.

You Should Buy AceSpy Because:

  • It comes with an in-depth manual that will help you with the whole process.
  • You can easily master all its functions.
  • Comprehensive and detailed reports.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Free updates
  • Always on stealth mode.
  • Get the evidence you need.

Testimonials from people who already used AceSpy:

“I’ve been using AceSpy since 2008 and it has helped me monitor the activities of my employees. My business has flourished because I can control the efficiency of my staff. This wouldn’t be possible without AceSpy and to tell you the truth – I still use it. I highly recommend it and every business owner should try this innovative software – it will give you the means to discipline your employees!”
– Marah S. (Toronto, Canada)

“My kids are everything to me! But whenever I go out – I got this gut feeling that they are misbehaving online. I want to track all their activities on our home PC. Fortunately, I discovered Ace Spy and I’m glad that it delivered the results that I’m hoping for in a spy software. I can now monitor my children and put some restrictions on our computer, so they can only access the sites and programs that are appropriate for them. Thanks a lot – AceSpy!
– Maila K. (Philadelphia, PA)

“I’m always worried whenever my daughter goes online. I trust her but I don’t know the people she encounters on the Internet. The fact that there are online predators that prey on teenagers and kids on social networking sites – it’s a must that we protect the welfare of our children! AceSpy can help us with this particular task, that’s why I always recommend this software to my peers and colleagues. AceSpy is the best monitoring software for parents like me!
– Edda P. (Tampa, Florida)

“Time is money and employees that waste time on social networking sites like Facebook can ruin the momentum of your business. And that means low income for your business. My advice to you is AceSpy – the most effective computer monitoring software on the planet! With this software, you will truly know the efficiency of your personnel, so you can give justified memos to people who are not doing their responsibilities.”
– Martin M. (Texas, USA)

My Final Word on AceSpy

For me, AceSpy is the most trusted computer monitoring software on the market. This application has been around since 2003 and through the years they made some improvements that made AceSpy a trusted brand. Today, many individuals are taking advantage of its innovative features. Both parents and business owners are using it to monitor the activities of their children or employees. So, if you really want to know the truth – I would recommend that you try AceSpy and experience for yourself its innovative features.

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