AceSpy Review: A Powerful Spy Software

Last updated: December 17, 2022

Note: AceSpy has been discontinued and the website is no longer available. You may want to try SpyBubble instead. If you are a current customer of AceSpy and need help, please contact Retina-X Studios, LLC at [email protected]

AceSpy: What Is It, How Does It Work and Is It Safe?

acespy spy softwareAceSpy is a powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use spy software that allows you to monitor the activity of your child on the computer. After you install the spy software, it will begin secretly recording everything that is done on the monitored computer, including all internet activity. If you are interested in monitoring the activities of a cell phone, you can download the mSpy App on Google Play or Apple App Store.

All you need to do is install a AceSpy client on a Windows computer, and you can log keystrokes, read instant messages, view stored passwords, access emails, and capture screenshots. AceSpy is completely hidden to everyone except you. You can bring up the program using a secret method to see all activity recorded. Activity reports can also be emailed to you.

acespy interface

Is AceSpy safe to use?

Overall, the software is safe to use. All of the order pages use the latest secured internet technology certified by Thawte and ScanAlert to ensure 100% secure and confidential buying. The company never sell, rent or share their customer lists with other companies for any reason. They understand your need for complete privacy.

After ordering, your card will be discreetly billed as “Plimus, Inc” for any software on AceSpy site. You will receive an email instantly after ordering with your download and setup instructions. Nothing will be mailed to you unless you add a CD-ROM. You also won’t be contacted after the sale by mail or phone.

AceSpy is extremely easy to learn and comes with complete documentation and technical support. If you can surf the web and send an email, then you can easily learn how to use computer spy software within minutes using the order email.

How does AceSpy work?

The steps below give a quick rundown of what you can expect when you purchase AceSpy. After following these six steps you will then be able to see what others have done on your PC.

  1. Place order using secure online form.
  2. Go to the web address provided instantly after ordering.
  3. Click “Run” to install AceSpy Spy Software.
  4. Close AceSpy Control Panel and leave your PC.
  5. AceSpy will secretly run and log all activity.
  6. Come back later and access AceSpy via secret methods.


  • You can setup AceSpy to email you results and reports easily.
  • Even setup AceSpy to forward emails and chats to your email.
  • You can also setup AceSpy to block web sites and keywords.
  • If any blocked items are encountered, get an instant email alert.

acespy email options

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System Requirements for the Monitored Computer

  • PC: 433mhz or faster PC with at least 64 MB RAM, Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8
  • Mac: All Macintosh makes and models running Mac OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard, and Mac OS X v10.5 Leopard

Key Features of AceSpy

1. Email Recording and Forwarding: Every time the user sends or receives an email from the target computer, AceSpy will record those emails and it will directly send all the recorded data to your own email.

2. Website Usage & Searches: Track all website activity and online searches, and see how long each website was visited.

3. Chat Recording and Forwarding: AceSpy records both sides of chat conversations and instant messages. All chats are recorded as actual text logs and are easily viewed from within the interface.

4. KeyLogger: AceSpy records your child’s usernames and passwords typed into ANY webmail, gaming or other types of online accounts. You will be able to see what page they logged in on, along with all keystrokes typed within that page.

5. Automatic Screenshot Recording: By default, AceSpy takes sixty screen snapshots every hour and stores them silently. You can determine how frequently AceSpy records – as often as once per second.

6. Application and Document Recording: Monitor what applications they are using. You can also record documents opened such as PDF files, text documents, pictures and more.

7. Webcam Recording: This feature allows you to not only know what happens ON the computer, but OFF of it as well.

8. Visual Movie Recorder: AceSpy not only records snapshots like a surveillance camera, but also allows you to create an actual movie from some or all screenshots captured.

9. Log Delivery via Email: View all recorded data by accessing AceSpy on the monitored computer, or have activity reports emailed to you regularly.

10. Web Content Blocking: You can block unwanted websites. Simply create a list of unwanted website URLs and/or a list of unwanted keywords.

acespy download

Why Use AceSpy?

  1. Monitor Your Home PC: Do you know what your children are doing on the Internet? Do you want to use an application that can report all their activities on the computer? If your answer is – “YES,” then you definitely need AceSpy. In fact, this premium spy software can give you the means to monitor your home computer and put some restrictions on some activities that are not appropriate for them. You are able to view the exact screen on the desktop of your computer. This will give you an idea on their activities or if they are misbehaving.
  2. Track Social Media Activity: Most teenagers these days spend much of their time on the Internet. They usually go to social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and so on. Most of the time they talk about sex, violence and drugs. Your children might even encounter online predators that may lure them to a trap or in worst cases – they may even be subjected to various lewd behaviors. To protect your children, it’s essential that you monitor their activities whenever they go to these social networking sites. AceSpy can provide you the means to monitor your kids effectively.
  3. Employee Computer Monitoring: If you want to efficiently monitor the activities of your employees. It’s important that you have an efficient tool that can deliver the results that you’ve been expecting for in a spy software. Ace Spy can track the activities of your employees as they use the company computers. You now have the ability to know if they are really using the computer for business purposes and not for their own leisure.

The Pros and Cons of AceSpy


  • It’s extremely easy to use and setup
  • Affordable
  • Tracks keystrokes
  • Monitors web activity on stealth mode


  • Can’t monitor remotely
  • Some antivirus software will identify it as malware

acespy monitoring software

Testimonials from people who already used AceSpy:

“If you’re worried about how your PC might be used when you’re not around, AceSpy will allow you to keep up to date with who is doing what on your machine.”
– Computer Buyer Magazine

“My kids are everything to me! But whenever I go out – I got this gut feeling that they are misbehaving online. I want to track all their activities on our home PC. Fortunately, I discovered Ace Spy and I’m glad that it delivered the results that I’m hoping for in a spy software. I can now monitor my children and put some restrictions on our computer, so they can only access the sites and programs that are appropriate for them. Thanks a lot – AceSpy!
– Maila K. (Philadelphia, PA)

“I’m always worried whenever my daughter goes online. I trust her but I don’t know the people she encounters on the Internet. The fact that there are online predators that prey on teenagers and kids on social networking sites – it’s a must that we protect the welfare of our children! AceSpy can help us with this particular task, that’s why I always recommend this software to my peers and colleagues. AceSpy is the best monitoring software for parents like me!
– Edda P. (Tampa, Florida)

“Time is money and employees that waste time on social networking sites like Facebook can ruin the momentum of your business. And that means low income for your business. My advice to you is AceSpy – the most effective computer monitoring software on the planet! With this software, you will truly know the efficiency of your personnel, so you can give justified memos to people who are not doing their responsibilities.”
– Martin M. (Texas, USA)

My Final Word on AceSpy

For me, AceSpy is the most trusted computer monitoring software on the market. This application has been around since 2003 and through the years they made some improvements that made AceSpy a trusted brand. Today, many individuals are taking advantage of its innovative features. Both parents and business owners are using it to monitor the activities of their children or employees. So, if you really want to know the truth – I would recommend that you try AceSpy and experience for yourself its innovative features.

Download Ace Spy Now – The Best PC Monitoring Software for Windows and Mac!