AceSpy User Guide

This user guide isn’t the only documentation for AceSpy. This is simply a quick reference guide. All AceSpy customers receive full documentation from within the program by going to Help > Documentation.


Thank you for choosing AceSpy Spy Software for your monitoring needs. AceSpy gives you a variety of premium options at a price that can’t be beat. We’re sure you’ll find this user guide and our software VERY useful.

Installing AceSpy Spy Software

Installing AceSpy is extremely easy. After you order you will receive an email with detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to download the program and start the installation. For maximum stealthiness, we recommend keeping all the default options during installation.

AceSpy installs in Stealth Mode

This mode creates no icons or folders and makes the program invisible to others. This means it is invisible from task bar, task list, close program, etc. To access the interface later, you would normally close all open windows and press the hot key sequence.

NOTE: The default hot key sequence can be found inside the program by clicking > Options > Advanced > Hot-Key. These are the four keys you will press together on your keyboard to get to the password screen.

Getting Started

Once AceSpy is installed it loads automatically with each computer boot in stealth mode. After you finish installation you will be asked to create your password as shown below.

acespy interface

Main Interface

After setting up AceSpy for the first time, you will enter the Main Interface shown above. This is also where you will come in the future to change options. Also, even if you choose to use the Email Delivery feature, this is where you can come anytime to view any activity recorded.

Basic Usage Instructions

Anytime you are within the interface, AceSpy automatically stops monitoring. When you are finished inside the interface, click the “X” at the top right corner. Then, click “Yes” to hide the interface and continue monitoring. Additionally, you can stop or start monitoring activity by clicking the “Start/Stop” button on the Home Screen.

So when you want to view recorded activity, you would open the interface with the hot key sequence. After you are inside, click any of the categories on the left side. Then choose the activity type you wish to view from the category menu. You can change options the same way by clicking an Options category, then choosing an option type in the category menu.

If you ever want to *completely* exit AceSpy and stop monitoring until your computer is rebooted, simply click the “X” at the top right corner. Then select “NO” and AceSpy will shut down completely. It will reload again the next time your computer is rebooted.

Viewing Activity Overview

There are THREE different categories of activity viewers within AceSpy. Each is outlined and then described below.

  • General Activity Category: Basic PC non-Internet activity including keystrokes.
  • Internet Activity Category Internet Activity such as emails and chats.
  • Visual Surveillance Category: Screenshots and Webcam recordings.

General Activity Category

  • Applications Ran: View programs executed on the PC.
  • Clipboard Activities: View text sent to clipboard by date and window title.
  • File/Folder Activities: View a list of new files/folders created or deleted.
  • Keystrokes Log: View keystrokes typed by date and window title.
  • Printer Activities: View documents printed by date.
  • Windows Opened: View windows opened or clicked on by the user.
  • AceSpy Events: View AceSpy’s program activity log.

Internet Activity Category

  • Chat Conversations Log: View full chat transcripts.
  • MySpace Web Pages: View each MySpace page visited in it’s entirety.
  • MySpaceIM Logs: View rapid screenshots of MySpaceIM chats.
  • Web Sites Visited: View list of URLs visited in major browsers.
  • Emails Sent/Received: View full emails sent and received.

Visual Surveillance Category

  • Screenshots Captured: View screenshots with date and window title.
  • Webcam Pics: View surveillance snapshots taken by your webcam.

Options Category Overview

There are THREE different options panels within AceSpy. These are the GENERAL OPTIONS, ADVANCED OPTIONS, and BLOCKING AND FILTERING panels. The six icon names on the “Options” screen are shortcuts to specific sections within one of the three panels. The icons are described below, and after that, each panel is described in detail.

  • General: This takes you to the GENERAL OPTIONS panel.
  • Advanced: This takes you to the ADVANCED OPTIONS panel.
  • Email: This takes you to the ADVANCED OPTIONS panel.
  • Screenshots: This takes you to the GENERAL OPTIONS panel.
  • Filtering: This takes you to the BLOCKING AND FILTERING panel.
  • Scheduling: This takes you to the GENERAL OPTIONS panel.

General Options Panel

  • General: Stealth, Startup and Password options.
  • Logging: The checklist to determine what will be recorded.
  • Screen: Screen capture and webcam settings and options.
  • Location: Specifies where AceSpy logs will be stored.
  • Schedule: Enables/Disables scheduled logging.
  • Lockdown: Enables/Disables PC Lockdown schedule.

Advanced Options Panel

  • Priority: Thread Priority settings to adjust system performance.
  • Splash: Enables/Disables the Splash Screen startup warning.
  • Emails: Enables/Disables email delivery of logs.
  • Hot-Key: Changes the defaults Hot Key sequence.
  • Auto-Clean: Automatic maintenance, UNINSTALL ACESPY and DELETE ALL LOGS button.

Blocking And Filtering Panel

Instant Mails: This is where you tell AceSpy whether or not to FORWARD EMAILS AND CHATS. Forward Email Delivery instantly copies every email sent or received to the email address in the “Email To:” field of your Email Configuration. Express Delivery of IMs / Chats instantly copies all chat conversations recorded the instant the chat window is closed.

Block URLs: Enter URLs to be blocked in Internet Explorer and Firefox. To block all pages of a certain site, enter two entries for it. One would be and the second one would be

Keystrokes: Enter words that will cause Instant Keyword Alerts to be sent anytime someone types a specified keyword within this list. For this option to properly work, you must have already setup your Auto Email settings. Example entries could be sex or a person’s name. Check the “Attach Screenshot” field to attach a current screenshot as the word was typed!

Windows: Window Title Blocking will close windows containing any of the keywords within their title. i.e. outlook or a filename such as msmsgs.exe

Web Content: This feature tells AceSpy to scan every web page that is visited in Internet Explorer. If a word on this list is encountered, then the user will be forwarded to an access denied page. Example entry is same as Keystrokes examples.

Applications: Application and Window Blocking will close windows containing any of the keywords within their title. i.e. outlook or a filename such as msmsgs.exe or you can click Browse to select an application from your hard drive to be blocked when executed.

User Filter: User filtering settings to avoid monitoring specific users. Enter any unique portion of a Windows username to avoid monitoring a user. In Windows XP/Vista, the username can be found by clicking Start, and then looking at the top of the menu. This is your username and any unique portion can be typed. For example, if your name username is Tom Smith, you could simply enter Tom.

NOTE: Always remember to check the “Enable” button for each of the features below if you are turning one on for the first time. Also, anytime you make changes, click Apply and then OK to get back to the interface. Some of the commands below require a restart before the action is taken. If you make major changes to AceSpy it is recommended that you completely EXIT AceSpy and then restart your PC.

Should You Use a Spy Software?

If you suspect that your teenagers or anyone else who uses your computer are doing something that you might not approve of, then you are probably correct. This is a common form of Internet abuse and takes many shapes until it spirals out of control.

Internet abuse ranges from teenagers who conduct inappropriate activity online to married individuals who use the Internet for cheating purposes. Another form is employees whom waste time online while they should be working.

This abuse has become a common cause of dishonesty all across the world.This wave of deceit has left many people wondering what others do online while they are left alone. Are they being honest? Are they being loyal? Are they being safe? Sometimes the only way to know for sure is to take action and find out for yourself. But how can you know the TRUTH about what they are doing online?

1. Do you need to know the truth about what they do?

If they are indeed doing something sneaky, then they are probably deleting their history – so that you can’t see what web sites they have visited. But the web sites they visit should be the least of your concerns. Who is your child chatting with? What happens in these chat rooms? Are they in danger? What does your spouse use that web cam for anyway? Are they visiting porn sites? Who are they emailing? What is your employee doing on the Internet that they think you can’t see? These are all VERY important questions.

Most people think that all of these questions have to remain unanswered. But they don’t. Our site is dedicated to helping you learn everything that happens on your computer behind your back. Using our software, called AceSpy, you can secretly record EVERYTHING that is done on your computer with complete invisibility! They won’t know they are being recorded and won’t even know its installed unless you tell them.

This computer spy software can change your life. Keep reading for more ways AceSpy can help you learn the truth.

2. Are you concerned about your teen’s safety online?

Internet predators lurk in chat rooms and prey on unsuspecting children every day. This sick fact makes it clear that something needs to be done if you suspect that your teenager might be talking to a predator online. As a modern parent who wants to protect your child, you have a duty to do just that – protect your child – whether the teenager likes it or not.

Many Internet pedophiles use instant messages and chat rooms to contact their victims to get a phone number or address. They will also try to get the minor to meet them somewhere. Many of these conversations take place in Skype and other messaging systems. Normally these conversations are erased as soon as they are closed. Not anymore.

With Mobile Spy you can see their entire chats and instant messages along with everything else they do online. You can even get an instant email alert if your child types certain keywords in a chat. That’s right, let’s say your teen’s chat includes the phrase “meet at” or your address or another similar term that you specify. The software will recognize this and secretly send you an alert. You will know instantly after it happens. Talk about safety!

3. Does your teenager research drugs or sex online?

Teenager safety on the Internet is the primary focus of the AceSpy computer spy tool.

Teenagers of the 21st century have a dangerous tool at their fingertips. The Internet contains a vast amount of information that a naive teen can easily fall victim to. But how can you know what they are doing online? What are they looking up or posting on message boards? Are they involved in drugs or alcohol? Are they viewing pornography? Are they doing ANYTHING that will put them in danger? How can you protect them?

Our program, AceSpy, will allow you to monitor everything they do, even block activity and get alerts when they do something you don’t want them to do. They will never even know you are being alerted. AceSpy will record all web sites and keystrokes typed into any application. It doesn’t matter which web browser your child uses, it will still be captured.

Let’s say you are worried that your 17-year old daughter might be using drugs. So you enter a list of popular drugs into AceSpy. Then two days later she types the word “cocaine” in a search. AceSpy will not only record all details about when it was typed, but can also forward you the information in an alert to your cell phone or email address. You can even have AceSpy close the window it was typed in! Plus, the software can be configured to your needs very easily. Any feature you don’t wish to use can remain disabled.

4. Are you afraid that your partner is cheating online?

People who cheat in relationships have been around since the beginning of time. Someone in the 1970’s who suspected their spouse was cheating could only hire a private investigator to get actual proof that it was happening. Back then there was no sure-fire way to know if a spouse was cheating unless you hired an expensive investigator.

Well times have changed and now there’s a way you can get the actual proof you are looking for. Our research tells us that people who cheat online do so in a variety of ways. The most common form of online cheating is a spouse viewing pornography without their partner’s knowledge or approval. Other forms are communication for actual physical affairs, cyber affairs and webcam affairs.

No matter which type of cheating is happening, spy software can help you catch a cheating partner. You will be able to see everything your mate does online including what web sites they visit, transcripts from most types of chats and instant messages, and much more. You can also have their emails and chats forwarded to you instantly after they occur! And if you want it to, spy software can even take snapshots from your webcam and sound from your microphone.

5. Do your employees waste time?

Entire employee networks can be monitored and controlled by an administrator. Are your employees wasting time?

Employees who have a computer at work often times are very loyal. But there are always a few bad apples in the barrel. Many small and large business owners alike are faced with employees wasting time online when they should be working. This can cost your organization TONS in lost productivity. Our site caters to businesses that need to know exactly what happens on their standalone PCs or networked PCs.

For standalone computers, which are those not connected to a company network, the best choice is AceSpy Spy Software. Our feature set and pricing puts AceSpy well above the rest. Our global team puts out great effort to update our software on a continuous basis to ensure high quality products. AceSpy will allow you to record and control everything they do on your non-networked PC.

Companies who have a larger group of computers are generally connected to a local area network using various versions of Windows. To monitor a network you would use our network monitoring software known as Net Spy Pro. Imagine being able to sit at your workstation and see an actual live screenshot of any employee’s workstation at any given moment. This is just a sample of the features found in Net Spy Pro.

6. Do you need to monitor a remote computer?

Now that you are more aware of why you would use monitoring software, you might ask: What if my computer is in a remote location? For example let’s say you own two homes and your teen is using the PC at your other home. How can you install monitoring software on it if it is 200 miles away? With remote monitoring software, distance doesn’t matter.

One such tool, called Realtime-Spy, will allow you to have the benefits of monitoring software, but will also allow you to easily install it onto your remote PC and see the results on a private web page. But how do you install the program onto a computer that is miles away? Easy. This user-friendly software allows you to create an email attachment that will be executed once opened by the person to be monitored. Once executed, it seems like nothing is happening while the software secretly installs.

Automatic email information and setup

Automatic Emailing refers to the emailing of activity reports to a specified email address. AceSpy can send customized activity reports to any SMTP-based email account. If you do not have one, you can use RXS Stealth Email which includes step-by-step instructions for setting up AceSpy.

Free webmail accounts are incompatible because they are not SMTP-based. Any other email account will work, so long as it uses SMTP to send emails. However it is a good idea to use a private account such as RXS Stealth Email so that nobody else will be able to see emailed results except you. You can also use the RXS Stealth Email account to have an SMTP server to send your logs to any webmail account.

Automatic Emailing can be setup by clicking Options > Emails. AceSpy combines the report(s) you select attached to one email. This email is then sent at a frequency you set. These options are all setup within the Email Options screen, which is shown and then described below.

email options

How To Enable Automatic Emailing:

STEP 1. Open the Automatic Emails screen. Click Enable and enter frequency. 60+ is recommended.

STEP 2. Enter the following information which corresponds to your SMTP email account. It is a good idea to use your email address in both the “Email From” and “Email To” fields.

  • SMTP: This is your email address’ SMTP server. i.e.
  • Email From: The full email address corresponding to the above SMTP server.
  • Email To: Any email address, but using the Email From address is recommended.

Advanced Options. You will need to enter your username & password for the account by clicking Advanced.

  • Username: The Username used to login to the email. Usually the full email address.
  • Password: The Password for the email account. Enter the full password.
  • Port: Only use this field if you have trouble getting automatic emails. See note below.

NOTE: Only use the PORT: option if you have trouble sending automatic emails. If you have everything setup correctly but still aren’t receiving auto emails, then your ISP probably blocks external SMTP mailings by blocking the most common SMTP port, which is Port 25. You can easily work around this by using an alternate port from the Advanced setting window. Enter 2525 for the port number and then click Apply/OK.

Test your settings by clicking the TEST button as shown in the graphic above. If the test doesn’t succeed, then your emails will not be sent. Make sure you are entering a valid SMTP server and username/password. If you are having troubles with your ISP, try a RXS Stealth Email account which includes a valid SMTP server with complete instructions on what to put in each box and allows you to view reports from anywhere you can browse the web.

STEP 3. Select which logs you want AceSpy to send. The types of logs are described below. Keep in mind to only select logs from activities that are enabled in Logging Options.

  1. Applications Executed: The contents of the applications executed log.
  2. Chat Conversations: The contents of the chat conversation log.
  3. Clipboard Logs: The contents of the clipboard contents log.
  4. Current Desktop Screenshot: Take a current screenshot and attach to the email.
  5. Documents Opened: The contents of the documents opened log.
  6. Emails Logs: The contents of the emails sent/received log.
  7. Keystrokes Logs: The contents of the keystrokes typed log.
  8. Printer Logs: The contents of the printed items log.
  9. Web Sites Visited Logs: The contents of the web sites visited log.
  10. Windows Launched Logs: The contents of the windows launched log.

STEP 4. Click “Apply”, then click “OK”. Lastly, restart your PC so that AceSpy is restarted. After the PC finishes loading, the first report will be sent in the amount of minutes you set on the Email Configuration screen.

Scheduled Monitoring Setup

AceSpy can monitor your system using a schedule you customize. To enable this feature, go to Options > General > Scheduling. Then, click the “Enable Schedule Logging” checkbox.

Then select all of the hours in which AceSpy should monitor your PC. The box for 12:00AM selects from 12:00am thru 12:59am. The box for 1:00AM selects from 1:00AM thru 1:59AM, and so on.

Select as many boxes as you need to determine your schedule. Next, click “Apply”. When AceSpy is restarted, it will recognize the time which will determine if it should monitor.

Webcam Capture Setup

AceSpy can take snapshots from almost any standard Windows web camera. The drivers and software for your camera should be installed previous to enabling the feature from Options > General > Screen. Click Apply and then click EXIT to exit AceSpy. Then restart your PC. When your PC restarts, wait a few minutes so that you can view some snapshots to make sure the lighting conditions are correct.

Please note, if your listed snapshots are a blank screen, then your camera isn’t getting enough light. One way around this on most cameras is going into the camera’s software and adjusting the brightness levels to be much higher. Then give AceSpy enough time to take 2-3 snapshots. Repeat the process as necessary to optimize for your camera.

Creating Avi Movies From Snapshots

AceSpy can create slideshow movies from the snapshots that are captured. These movies can be played in Windows Media Player or any other avi viewer.

How To Create A Movie From Snapshots:

STEP 1. Navigate to Options > General > Screenshot > Make Movie.

STEP 2. Select ONE date. That day’s snapshots will be shown in the list on the left.

STEP 3. Select some or all images by moving them to the right side using the icons.

STEP 4. Click “Create Movie” and select a path and filename. Click “Save”.

STEP 5. Select a “Video Compression” type. Click “OK”. The avi will then be made.

Mobile Spy

mobile spyIf you think spying on a mobile phone device is something that only CIA agents do, well, think again, because mobile phone monitoring software are now available on the Internet.

What Is Mobile Spy?

Mobile Spy is a cell phone spy application designed to work on your smartphone (iPhone iOS, Android, Windows), tablet or computer. If you want to track and monitor your kids’ activities, you can use mobile spy and start tracking every activity they do on their mobile phones.

Activities On Phone that You Can Monitor

Mobile Spy is loaded with innovative new features that will help you learn more about the activities of your kids including

1. Facebook and Twitter messages.

Mobile Spy has a feature that will allow you to monitor every Facebook and twitter message that your kids’ mobile sends and receives. This means that you can monitor your kid’s incoming and outgoing messages on their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

This is a great advantage, especially if you are a parent who wants to make sure that your kids are receiving and sending only appropriate messages when they are on their social media accounts.

2. Youtube Videos.

With Youtube, your kids are exposed to all kinds of videos. They can stream easily all kinds of video that they want to watch, anytime and anywhere as long as their mobile phones have data connection. With this, how can you know they are watching only appropriate videos?

Mobile Phone monitoring software has a feature that will allow you to monitor all Youtube videos watched using their mobile phones. This way, you’ll know the truth!

3. Apps Installed.

With millions of Apps available for downloads for free, both useful and non useful apps, how can you make sure your kids are not downloading and installing non-useful/inappropriate apps on their phones? Well, the easiest way to find out is with the use of Mobile Spy. The software has a monitoring feature that monitors all apps installed on the mobile phone.

3. Yahoo!, Windows Live, Gtalk and AOL messages

Kids today have easy access to all kinds of message services from Yahoo!, windows Live, Gtalk, and AOL, accounts which you might not even know they have signed up to. How can you know they are sending and receiving only appropriate messages? With Mobile Phone Monitoring Software’s message monitoring feature, each message sent and received on their phones is recorded. You won’t miss a single message!

4. Text Messages.

According to a recent report, an average teenager sends 3,000 texts in just a month. This report means that an average teenager sends more than 6 text messages every waking hour. How can you make sure your kid is receiving and sending appropriate text messages? Whom they text and who text them? Well, the only way to find that out is with mobile spy installed on their phones.

Where to Get Your Own Mobile Phone Monitoring Software?

It’s easy. All you have to do is visit and find a software vendor, and then purchase your choice of mobile phone monitoring software on your preferred billing method. After that, directly install it on your kid’s mobile phone. Once installed, the software works silently in the background so you can do your mobile phone monitoring without your kid knowing about it.

How to Monitor Your Children’s Internet Activities

Child Computer MonitoringThe Internet is a wonderful technology that changed every aspect of our lives. It also opened the way for other electronic devices like smartphones and tablets to take advantage of its many benefits. However, the computer which is the most preferred device to access the Internet. As a matter of fact, computers are very dependent on the Internet and to fully realize their potential – they need to always be ONLINE! Now imagine if all your kids can freely access your home computer, and they have all the freedom to go online. Would you be worried if your kids are being naughty online?

A recent study shows that almost 86% of children can go to social networking sites without their parent’s consent. You should also understand that these social networking sites are haven for online predators and paedophiles. These social offenders are always on the lookout for children and they masked themselves under the anonymity of the Internet. Therefore, your kids are always at risk of encountering these shady individuals every time they go online, and there’s a strong possibility that they may be victimized by these people.If you’re a concerned parent, then you might be wondering how you can monitor the activities of your kids every time they use the computer.

Actually, you are not alone, because there are thousands of parents out there who are also looking for a viable solution. In reality, there’s already a solution to this particular problem and it’s called AceSpy. For starters, AceSpy is a computer monitoring software that is specifically developed for parents who want to know the TRUTH about their kids.

Using this software, you can monitor the sites that your children are actively visiting. You will know if there are inappropriate sites or other places on the web that might be detrimental to the welfare of your kids. Another great feature of this spy software is its ability to track the exact chat conversations that happened on the computer you are monitoring. This will give you an idea of what topics your children and their friends are talking about online.

How To Use AceSpy Monitoring Software?

AceSpy is not a free software – you need to purchase it first, in order to use its features. However, this is just a small investment considering the many benefits it can provide. So, after you purchase the application, you will receive an email receipt including the link where you can download the software. You need to download and install the software directly to the computer you want to monitor. When it’s fully installed in the computer, it will now silently track and monitor all the activities on that particular computer. All collected data will be sent to your email or you can manually go to the target computer and by using a secret binding key, you can access the interface of AceSpy.

Will the User Know If There’s a Monitoring Software on the Computer?

There’s a reason why AceSpy is called a spy software – It’s 100% on stealth mode and totally undetectable. The user won’t even know that it’s already on the operating system of the computer. It will not leave any distinguishing marks on programs or windows on a particular computer. Therefore, the computer users will just do their normal activities without knowing that AceSpy is already monitoring their every move. This software will give you an idea if your children are really misbehaving on the Internet.

Is AceSpy Really Worth Buying?

If you really love your children, then you will need AceSpy. In fact, this software is the most significant tool that will help you discover the TRUTH. Although, AceSpy is not really that expensive, because it will only cost you $59.97 and that’s already a lifetime license. In short, AceSpy is not only worth buying but it’s also an essential parental monitoring tool.

If you would like to read more about AceSpy, just go to

AceSpy Coupon Code – AceSpy Discount Coupon

AceSpy is the most comprehensive computer monitoring software on the market today. In fact, it’s already available on the PC and Mac. A lot of people have already expressed their satisfaction with this product, because it can really deliver the results that they are expecting for in a computer monitoring application. AceSpy is most applicable for parents and business owners alike – as most of its features are geared toward these two groups of individuals. So, if you want to purchase the software, then I suggest that you take advantage of the “AceSpy Coupon Code” that I’m giving away on this post. Just follow the steps below and you’ll definitely get the best deal from this software.

Step 1:

You need to go first to the purchase page of AceSpy, simply click the banner below and you will be directed to a new window. On the purchase page, you can choose from two platforms – Windows PC or Mac. So, depending on the type of computer you want to monitor click the “Buy Now” button. You will again be redirected to the AceSpy secure ordering page.

AceSpy Purchase Page:

purchase acespy

Step 2:

On the ordering page you will see the total price of the product which is $59.97 – lifetime license. You will also find the payment options that you can choose from. It’s also important that you fill-up the billing information and the type of credit card you will use on your purchase. For the credit card you can use Visa or MasterCard and some of its variations like Visa Electron, Maestro and Diner’s Club International. However, you can also use PayPal if you don’t have any of these credit cards.

Step 3:

After you fill-up the required payment information, it’s time to look for the small box just beside the total price. Written beside the small box are the words “I have a discount coupon,” click on it and another rectangular box will appear. On the rectangular box put the coupon discount code “bestspy15” and click the small refresh button. Wait for a little while until the discount can take effect on total price of your purchase.

acespy discount

Step 4:

Click on the “Continue” button until you reach the finish order page. Congratulations! You just took advantage of this limited promo from AceSpy and now you can enjoy all of its revolutionary monitoring features.