Mobile Spy

mobile spyIf you think spying on a mobile phone device is something that only CIA agents do, well, think again, because mobile phone monitoring software are now available on the Internet.

What Is Mobile Spy?

Mobile Spy is a cell phone spy application designed to work on your smartphone (iPhone iOS, Android, Windows), tablet or computer. If you want to track and monitor your kids’ activities, you can use mobile spy and start tracking every activity they do on their mobile phones.

Activities On Phone that You Can Monitor

Mobile Spy is loaded with innovative new features that will help you learn more about the activities of your kids including

1. Facebook and Twitter messages.

Mobile Spy has a feature that will allow you to monitor every Facebook and twitter message that your kids’ mobile sends and receives. This means that you can monitor your kid’s incoming and outgoing messages on their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

This is a great advantage, especially if you are a parent who wants to make sure that your kids are receiving and sending only appropriate messages when they are on their social media accounts.

2. Youtube Videos.

With Youtube, your kids are exposed to all kinds of videos. They can stream easily all kinds of video that they want to watch, anytime and anywhere as long as their mobile phones have data connection. With this, how can you know they are watching only appropriate videos?

Mobile Phone monitoring software has a feature that will allow you to monitor all Youtube videos watched using their mobile phones. This way, you’ll know the truth!

3. Apps Installed.

With millions of Apps available for downloads for free, both useful and non useful apps, how can you make sure your kids are not downloading and installing non-useful/inappropriate apps on their phones? Well, the easiest way to find out is with the use of Mobile Spy. The software has a monitoring feature that monitors all apps installed on the mobile phone.

3. Yahoo!, Windows Live, Gtalk and AOL messages

Kids today have easy access to all kinds of message services from Yahoo!, windows Live, Gtalk, and AOL, accounts which you might not even know they have signed up to. How can you know they are sending and receiving only appropriate messages? With Mobile Phone Monitoring Software’s message monitoring feature, each message sent and received on their phones is recorded. You won’t miss a single message!

4. Text Messages.

According to a recent report, an average teenager sends 3,000 texts in just a month. This report means that an average teenager sends more than 6 text messages every waking hour. How can you make sure your kid is receiving and sending appropriate text messages? Whom they text and who text them? Well, the only way to find that out is with mobile spy installed on their phones.

Where to Get Your Own Mobile Phone Monitoring Software?

It’s easy. All you have to do is visit and find a software vendor, and then purchase your choice of mobile phone monitoring software on your preferred billing method. After that, directly install it on your kid’s mobile phone. Once installed, the software works silently in the background so you can do your mobile phone monitoring without your kid knowing about it.