Should You Use a Spy Software?

If you suspect that your teenagers or anyone else who uses your computer are doing something that you might not approve of, then you are probably correct. This is a common form of Internet abuse and takes many shapes until it spirals out of control.

Internet abuse ranges from teenagers who conduct inappropriate activity online to married individuals who use the Internet for cheating purposes. Another form is employees whom waste time online while they should be working.

This abuse has become a common cause of dishonesty all across the world.This wave of deceit has left many people wondering what others do online while they are left alone. Are they being honest? Are they being loyal? Are they being safe? Sometimes the only way to know for sure is to take action and find out for yourself. But how can you know the TRUTH about what they are doing online?

1. Do you need to know the truth about what they do?

If they are indeed doing something sneaky, then they are probably deleting their history – so that you can’t see what web sites they have visited. But the web sites they visit should be the least of your concerns. Who is your child chatting with? What happens in these chat rooms? Are they in danger? What does your spouse use that web cam for anyway? Are they visiting porn sites? Who are they emailing? What is your employee doing on the Internet that they think you can’t see? These are all VERY important questions.

Most people think that all of these questions have to remain unanswered. But they don’t. Our site is dedicated to helping you learn everything that happens on your computer behind your back. Using our software, called AceSpy, you can secretly record EVERYTHING that is done on your computer with complete invisibility! They won’t know they are being recorded and won’t even know its installed unless you tell them.

This computer spy software can change your life. Keep reading for more ways AceSpy can help you learn the truth.

2. Are you concerned about your teen’s safety online?

Internet predators lurk in chat rooms and prey on unsuspecting children every day. This sick fact makes it clear that something needs to be done if you suspect that your teenager might be talking to a predator online. As a modern parent who wants to protect your child, you have a duty to do just that – protect your child – whether the teenager likes it or not.

Many Internet pedophiles use instant messages and chat rooms to contact their victims to get a phone number or address. They will also try to get the minor to meet them somewhere. Many of these conversations take place in Skype and other messaging systems. Normally these conversations are erased as soon as they are closed. Not anymore.

With Mobile Spy you can see their entire chats and instant messages along with everything else they do online. You can even get an instant email alert if your child types certain keywords in a chat. That’s right, let’s say your teen’s chat includes the phrase “meet at” or your address or another similar term that you specify. The software will recognize this and secretly send you an alert. You will know instantly after it happens. Talk about safety!

3. Does your teenager research drugs or sex online?

Teenager safety on the Internet is the primary focus of the AceSpy computer spy tool.

Teenagers of the 21st century have a dangerous tool at their fingertips. The Internet contains a vast amount of information that a naive teen can easily fall victim to. But how can you know what they are doing online? What are they looking up or posting on message boards? Are they involved in drugs or alcohol? Are they viewing pornography? Are they doing ANYTHING that will put them in danger? How can you protect them?

Our program, AceSpy, will allow you to monitor everything they do, even block activity and get alerts when they do something you don’t want them to do. They will never even know you are being alerted. AceSpy will record all web sites and keystrokes typed into any application. It doesn’t matter which web browser your child uses, it will still be captured.

Let’s say you are worried that your 17-year old daughter might be using drugs. So you enter a list of popular drugs into AceSpy. Then two days later she types the word “cocaine” in a search. AceSpy will not only record all details about when it was typed, but can also forward you the information in an alert to your cell phone or email address. You can even have AceSpy close the window it was typed in! Plus, the software can be configured to your needs very easily. Any feature you don’t wish to use can remain disabled.

4. Are you afraid that your partner is cheating online?

People who cheat in relationships have been around since the beginning of time. Someone in the 1970’s who suspected their spouse was cheating could only hire a private investigator to get actual proof that it was happening. Back then there was no sure-fire way to know if a spouse was cheating unless you hired an expensive investigator.

Well times have changed and now there’s a way you can get the actual proof you are looking for. Our research tells us that people who cheat online do so in a variety of ways. The most common form of online cheating is a spouse viewing pornography without their partner’s knowledge or approval. Other forms are communication for actual physical affairs, cyber affairs and webcam affairs.

No matter which type of cheating is happening, spy software can help you catch a cheating partner. You will be able to see everything your mate does online including what web sites they visit, transcripts from most types of chats and instant messages, and much more. You can also have their emails and chats forwarded to you instantly after they occur! And if you want it to, spy software can even take snapshots from your webcam and sound from your microphone.

5. Do your employees waste time?

Entire employee networks can be monitored and controlled by an administrator. Are your employees wasting time?

Employees who have a computer at work often times are very loyal. But there are always a few bad apples in the barrel. Many small and large business owners alike are faced with employees wasting time online when they should be working. This can cost your organization TONS in lost productivity. Our site caters to businesses that need to know exactly what happens on their standalone PCs or networked PCs.

For standalone computers, which are those not connected to a company network, the best choice is AceSpy Spy Software. Our feature set and pricing puts AceSpy well above the rest. Our global team puts out great effort to update our software on a continuous basis to ensure high quality products. AceSpy will allow you to record and control everything they do on your non-networked PC.

Companies who have a larger group of computers are generally connected to a local area network using various versions of Windows. To monitor a network you would use our network monitoring software known as Net Spy Pro. Imagine being able to sit at your workstation and see an actual live screenshot of any employee’s workstation at any given moment. This is just a sample of the features found in Net Spy Pro.

6. Do you need to monitor a remote computer?

Now that you are more aware of why you would use monitoring software, you might ask: What if my computer is in a remote location? For example let’s say you own two homes and your teen is using the PC at your other home. How can you install monitoring software on it if it is 200 miles away? With remote monitoring software, distance doesn’t matter.

One such tool, called Realtime-Spy, will allow you to have the benefits of monitoring software, but will also allow you to easily install it onto your remote PC and see the results on a private web page. But how do you install the program onto a computer that is miles away? Easy. This user-friendly software allows you to create an email attachment that will be executed once opened by the person to be monitored. Once executed, it seems like nothing is happening while the software secretly installs.