You will find quick answers to common questions regarding using AceSpy below.

How do I access AceSpy?
To see the results of AceSpy working on your computer, you can access AceSpy from the directory you specified when you installed the software. Because you don’t want AceSpy showing up on your Start menu, there is no access to AceSpy from the Windows Start menu. You can also get the results of monitoring emailed to you automatically, removing the need to access the computer to see what has been going on.

What can AceSpy record?
AceSpy records all activity on your computer. That means all emails, chats, IM sessions, Web sessions, Webcam activities, MySpace visits, and more are all recorded, if you want. AceSpy can take screen snapshots as often as you wish, so you can see exactly what is going on with your computer.

How do I start monitoring my computer?
Once you have AceSpy installed, it starts recording activity immediately. AceSpy lets you decide which logins to monitor, as well as what to monitor, so you have complete control of the monitoring process. You can alter the monitoring rules at any time by launching AceSpy.

How do I stop monitoring?
To change what is recorded on the monitored machine, launch AceSpy and modify the monitoring options on the computer. You can disable, enable, and change monitoring options for individual users, applications, or the entire computer.

Can AceSpy block content?
Yes, AceSpy can be set to block specific Web sites, applications, or specific content. Managing the blocked content is easy through the AceSpy interface.

How do I have AceSpy autoarchive logs?
AceSpy can autoarchive logs through its interface (under the Advanced settings). You can have AceSpy archive your logs before they are cleared.

How do I see how long a user was using the computer?
The AceSpy report will show how long a user was active during a monitoring session.

Can I install AceSpy on any computer I own?
As long as you have access to the computer, and can log in to the AceSpy Website to download the AceSpy software, you can monitor that computer as long as you own it. You can have all sessions emailed to you for access on another machine, if you wish, removing the need to ever visit the monitored machine again.

How do I make AceSpy stop monitoring?
You can launch the AceSpy software and change the settings that specify what will be monitored. You can easily turn off all monitoring in this way, either for specific users or for everyone using the computer.

How do I make AceSpy log a chat client that is not exclusively supported by the chat viewers?
AceSpy can monitor any chat client via screenshots and keystrokes. You will see both ends of the conversion using these methods.