Is It Legal To Monitor My Staff Using AceSpy?

“Is it legal to monitor my staff using AceSpy monitoring software?” This happens to be the first question asked by many employers in the US when discussing the local laws before setting up AceSpy to keep tabs on how staff behave at work using a company computer.

It is not only legal to monitor staff, but can be an essential tool saving a company from financial loss, and helping get rid of dishonest staff.

Many corporations are switching over to computer monitoring software to reduce unprofessional conduct of their tactless staff and to increase productivity.

Social networks such as Facebook, has been a focal point of interest of slacking staff who tend to give away confidential data about work to competitors. This calls for the need of monitoring staff who are found wasting time social networking rather than doing what has been assigned.

AceSpy spy software takes care of your company’s interest, while increasing productivity. It helps identify slacking staff who are less interested in what the company wants out of them, but more in trying to steal private and important company information.

Without monitoring software to monitor staff, you may never know how dishonest your employees actually are. You will not be able to know if they are visiting inappropriate sites resulting in a large amount of wasted time.

Employers generally try ineffective ways through which they only insufficient proof of their slacking staff. For example, one of the ways they practice is to make a fake Facebook id and add the staff as friends. It’s really absurd. No doubt it gives you a rough idea of how many people out of your staff are exploring Facebook. But what if they aren’t using Facebook but are simply misusing office Mac computers surfing the web and sharing questionable content among themselves or outside the office?

With AceSpy, you will be able to monitor your staff with up to the minute information about their activities. This spy software will monitor and record everything done using the company computer. For example, it would record all websites visited with actual screen shots of the pages, keystrokes typed, applications launched, IM chat conversations and more features. It’s a straightforward monitoring solution to problems related to staff mismanagement and decreasing company productivity.

AceSpy stands as the best staff monitoring software for Windows & Mac having the ability to monitor staff in complete stealth.

It is suggested that employers first convey their organizational policies to their staff, making them well aware of what they can access and what is prohibited. Further, having installed AceSpy software onto your staff’s computers, you can make a clear cut statement that whoever violates company policy will be handled accordingly. This has worked for many and can serve to be extremely useful for any company. With AceSpy monitoring software, employers will have hard evidence needed to protect company assets from being abused by staff.